We work with all kind of clients from small start-ups to investment funds and large multinational corporations, offering a one-stop shop for those facing the challenges of rapid change and those entering new markets.

    All the services we provide – from a second-opinion review of proposed business plans and careful assessment of a client’s resources and capabilities, to market research, assistance in due diligence, and managing reputational and political risks – are all part of a top-down strategy to make our clients’ businesses sharper, smarter and more agile.

    Unlike many “big brand” consultancies, we don’t supply off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all recipes. Instead, our dedicated team focusses on a client’s specific circumstances, and develops tailor-made solutions and concrete action plans.


    We treat communications activities (including corporate communications, media relations, public affairs, investor relations and marketing/brand communications) as a continuation and application of a company’s business strategy. We don’t believe in publicity for the sake of it. We believe in perception management and developing narratives that create value for our clients.

    For example, even if asked to provide only PR services, we always start with a comprehensive top-down analysis of the business environment, value chain composition, stakeholder mapping and industry profile, to come up with precise, to-the-point strategic communications ideas and messages to achieve a client’s business objectives.

    While we take a broad approach to communication platforms, comprising digital and social communications, content marketing, thought leadership, third-party endorsements and events, we place particular importance on working closely with the leading conventional media and collaboration with key sector and region-focused journalists.


    Within the financial consulting area, we provide a wide range of services to commercial companies, family offices and private investors to make their businesses more successful and secure. These are tailored to a client’s requirements, backed by a comprehensive understanding of the impact financial decisions may have on overall business performance.

    Our services include various aspects of financial and management accounting, and we help our clients collect, understand and interpret financial information at a more profound level, to read it in a way that allows them to see the business meaning behind the figures.

    We help our clients with investment decisions by providing a clear and sensible assessment of options. Complex financial models run by investment banks can be useful in scenario simulations, but they can also be misleading, as the sheer complexity of a model may give an impression of a deep understanding of a business, whereas, for high-level decisions, it may be more important to step back and see the whole forest, not just a few trees.

    After the investment decision is made, we help our clients structure financial transactions and supervise the ongoing performance of investments. Our aim is to ensure both the security of investments and optimal performance, which we achieve through best-practice financial control, and reporting and auditing at all levels, from operational activities to board representation.

    We also provide advice on optimising business and ownership structures, taking into account such aspects as security, tax efficiency, business relations and operating performance.